The recording of the story of the Soborium by Veritas

The pupils in Mr Quirke s room were chosen to reinact the story of the Soborium which will be produced into DVDs and will be part of the new religious programme being made for all primary schools. The pupils will also be travelling to Dublin in June to take part in the Eucharistic Congress where they will be reinacting the story of the soborium in front of a minimum of 2000 people. Many thanks to past pupil Lorraine Nash who joined us to play the music for the story. Lorraine will be also joining us for the trip to Dublin.





Promoting Healthy eating

The pupils have been enjoying their healthy lunches nd breakfasts being provided by the school over the course of a few weeks. They will also be gven dinners at school in the coming weeks



Drumming Beatz Workshop
21st March

All pupils took part in a drumming workshop. They had the opportunity to play different types of drums and instrument from all over the world. They learnt about beat and rhythm. They had great fun.


To mark Seachtain na Gaeilge the pupils dressed up in green and sang a few Irish songs for their parents. Over the last few weeks the pupils had been teaching each other the Siege of Ennis and the Walls of Limerick so parents and pupils enjoyed a short ceili followed by green queen cakes and green jelly and ice-cream. A great afternoon was had by all.

Cycle Safely Course

Pancake Day



Romans in the classroom



Our Egyptian Kartouches


Getting ready for our Christmas Play 'Countdown to Christmas'


Our Football League